Colour In Context Assignment 3 Talk About Fashion Designer Ma Ke


Date: Friday, October 28th, 2016


Critique: Ma Ke is Chinese Chairman Xi’s wife’s fashion designer, as well as a Chinese most successful fashion designer born in 1971. She found a workshop called ” Useless”. She is very plain. She doesn’t have a brand, all the clothes are handmade. Because of Chairman Xi’s wife go aboard, she becomes more famous. But it’s not her first time become famous, she invited by Paris Fashion Week. She became the first Chinese person on the most high-level stage in the word. She started finding the disappeared traditional artwork in China in ten years. She insists staying in the small city to help poor people. The “Land” conference had a big influence, then art galleries and invited her to the exhibitions. She expresses simple very well, but I think is lacks of the element of colour and the value are very low, and it may only fit winter cold. I think she probably uses achromatic Harmony. It also feels a little sadness, due to the grey, black, and blue. I like her wrinkles put on the clothes. Her clothes in exhibitions are very different from her design for Chairman Xi’s wife LiYuan Peng. But the pure colour makes me feel cosy. By the way, her works may in a small area, and only fit for women.

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